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   Shenzhen LuoLunSi Electronic Industrial Co.,Ltd (LLS) is a member of TeamWork Group, which focuses on the research and manufacture of triple insulated winding wire,ultracapacitor,and soft magnetic powder core.we supply the coil winding industry throughout the world with a comprehensive range of magnetic components at very competitive prices.


   Since founded,our R&D team devoted to the research and development.our triple insulated winding wire has passed UL and VDE;we can custom different ultracapacitor cell and module according to customers' specific requirements; Teamwork is able to produce many kinds of soft magnetic powder materials, including FeSIAI core,FeNi core,FeSi core etc.and we're prepared to produce new materials(amorphous/nano/nano-crystalline)based on requirements of customer needs and improment of efficiency of electric energy section.

  TeamWork International Corporation was established in 2006 and focus on the solution of electronic product in the field of high frequency.The headquarter is in Taoyuan of Taiwan,which has administrative department and R&D center.after many years' development, our business has four operation divisions, including electric wire and cable 、electronic test equipment、new energy power and internet education .


  Our core value :Innovation、Power and Teamwork!

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